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Listings of NETAPP by Model / Part Numbers
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X6563-R6Netapp Refurbished X6563R6 SFP+ FOR X1107 OPTICAL 10GGBE SR
X6569-R6Netapp Refurbished SFP+ FOR X1117AOPTICAL10GBER6
X6588-R6Netapp Refurbished Netapp 8Gb Shortwave SFP+ Optical Switch
X6589-R6Netapp New X6589R6 NetApp X6589-R6 10Gb Shortwave SFP+ Optical for V6200 FAS6200
X6589-R6Netapp Refurbished X6589R6 NetApp X6589-R6 10Gb Shortwave SFP+ Optical for V6200 FAS6200
X721ANetapp Refurbished 300-Watts AC Power Supply for F810/F820/F825/F840/F880/R100
X724ANetapp Refurbished NetApp X724A Power Supply SP-724A Network Appliance
X725ANetapp Refurbished 100V/220VAC Power Supply for FAS/GF9XX/R150/R200/C6200
X730Netapp Refurbished NetApp 650W Power Supply FAS3020/FAS3050
X730-R5Netapp Refurbished X730R5 REDUNDANT POWER SUPPLY NETAPP FAS30X0/CX300R5
X732-R5Netapp Refurbished 1100w/220VAC Power supply for 6XXX series.
X756ANetapp Refurbished NETWORK APPLIANCE X756A C1200 / SC200 CHASSIS 5 FAN ASSEMBLY - 4
X758-R5Netapp Refurbished X758R5 Netapp FAS3140 FAS3160 FAS3170 Power Supply
X758-R6Netapp Refurbished 850W AC PSU FAS32XX and SA320 - Joe Lund - 770.817.9089
X763-R6Netapp Refurbished NetApp 1300W AC Delta Power Supply
X800-42UNetapp Refurbished X80042U 2 FT C14-C13 INTERNAL POWER CABLE
X800-42U-R6Netapp Refurbished X80042UR6 Condition: Brand-X800-42U-R6 NetApp Cabinet Component Power
X80063-R6Netapp Refurbished FAS3140C Bezel FcPlt 111-00356 - Joe Lund - 770.817.9089
X800E-R6Netapp Refurbished 5-15P-C13 POWER CORD 6 FT 112-00066
X800EFNetapp NetApp X800EF DS14 110 VAC Cord w/Ferrite Bead for North America
X8531Netapp Refurbished FAN Assembly Hot-Swap FAS30X0
X8531-R5Netapp Refurbished X8531R5 FAN ASSEMBLY Hot-Swap NETAPP FAS30X0/CX300R5A
X8533-R5Netapp Refurbished NetApp FAS3100 Fan Module
X8533A-R6Netapp Refurbished Fan Assembly for 62XX 31XX and SA620 Filer
X8712C-R6Netapp New X8712CR6 NetApp X8712C-R6 Single-Phase 12-Outlet 30A PDU NEMA R6. New
X871ANetapp Refurbished CABINET 42U 220 VAC 32 AMP
X877B-R6Netapp Refurbished X877BR6 NetApp X877B-R6 Cabinet Rail Kit II R6
X877B-R6Netapp New X877BR6 NetApp X877B-R6 Cabinet Rail Kit II R6
X877B-R6-CNetapp Refurbished RAIL KIT II CAB-CR6
X881-R6Netapp Refurbished X881R6 CONSOLE CABLE ADAPTER RJ45 TO DB9
X94015A-ESH4-QS-R5Netapp Refurbished DS14MK4 w/ 14 300GB 15K disk
XLACM-ACNetapp Refurbished XLACMAC Fan Assembly
XLEDM-ABNetapp Refurbished XLEDMAB Communications card
XLPSU-FN1Netapp Refurbished XLPSUFN1 100-120V 115-Volt/230-Volt
XLPSU-NR1-DNetapp Refurbished XLPSUNR1D 100-120V PSU Power Supply Unit MODULE
XLPSU-NR3Netapp Refurbished XLPSUNR3 REV. B 100-120V/200-240V 50/60HZ Power SUPPLY
YM-3901ANetapp Refurbished 855W PSU Power Supply

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