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Listings of NETAPP by Model / Part Numbers
Brands Index
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02A9270Netapp Refurbished
0B22170Netapp Refurbished 147GBNetAppHard Drive HDD
0B22171Netapp Refurbished 300GB 15000RPM 4GBPS HARD DRIVE
0B23466Netapp Refurbished 300GB 15000RPM Hard Drive NETAPP W/CADDIES
0F10939Netapp Refurbished 2TB 7.2K RPM 3Gb SATA HDD
104-00040+B1Netapp Refurbished STORAGE ARRAY FILER SYSTEM
106-00005Netapp Refurbished 10600005 NetApp X5605A R100 R150 Storage Shelf EMU 106-00005 REV.B0 3013
106-00007Netapp Refurbished 10600007 NetApp Power Supply for F87
106-00014Netapp Optical Gigabit Ethernet Card X1025D
106-00019Netapp Refurbished 10600019 NET Application ESH Module Optical-Copper
106-00024Netapp Refurbished 10600024 ADPTRAT-FCCOPPERDS14 MK2AT
106-00024+A0Netapp Refurbished 10600024A0 DS14 Storage Controller Module X5611A
106-00026Netapp Refurbished NetApp X5505A ESH Module Copper
106-00026+D0Netapp Refurbished 2GB ESH MODULE COPPER-COPPER
106-00028Netapp Refurbished 10600028 NETAPP DS14MK2 AT-FC CONTROLLER
106-00029Netapp Refurbished QUAD10/100/1000ENET
106-00045Netapp Refurbished 2Gb/s Optical Tranceiver
106-00048Netapp Refurbished NetApp X1039A-R6 Dual GB PCIe Ntwk Card
106-00049Netapp Refurbished 10600049 Netapp Dual Port GBE NiC PCI-E
106-00054Netapp Refurbished NetApp 2-Port GbE Copper PCI-X NIC
106-00056Netapp Refurbished Dual-Port 10/100/1000 Copper Network Adapter Card X1037
106-00057Netapp Refurbished 10600057 NETAPP X1035 2-PORT FC GBE CONTROLLER
106-00062Netapp Refurbished 10600062 INTEL PRO/1000 MF DUAL PORT ADAPTER PCI-X D33025 PB C3
106-00063Netapp Refurbished 10600063 NetApp Dual Port GB Ethernet Controller
106-00071Netapp Refurbished 10600071 Netapp Quad Port Gigabit Ethernet Card
106-00076Netapp Refurbished NetApp ESH2 DS14/DS14MK2 Cntrllr Module
106-00076+D0Netapp Refurbished 10600076D0 NetApp 106-00076+D0 Xyratex 58410-01 RS-LRC-FC-SBD-3-NA ESH2
106-00076+E0Netapp Refurbished 10600076E0 ESH2 CONTROLLER MODULE FOR DS14 MK2 SHELF
106-00092Netapp Refurbished 10600092 Netapp AT-FC2 Controller Module
106-00100Netapp Refurbished 10600100 NETAPP DS14 ESH2 Fiber Fibre CONTROLLER MODULE
106-00100+A0Netapp Refurbished 10600100A0 ESH2 CONTROLLER MODULE FOR DS14 MK2 SHELF
106-00101Netapp Refurbished 10600101 NetApp X5612A-REF AT-FCX Controller
106-00101+B0Netapp Refurbished At-fcx Controller Module for NetApp W-B-2-3
106-00101+C0Netapp Refurbished 10600101C0 AT-FCX Controller Module 72318-07
106-00101+D0Netapp Refurbished X5612A-R5 AT-FCX CONTROLLER
106-00101+F0Netapp Refurbished AT-FCX CONTROL MODULE
106-00199Netapp Refurbished 10600199 NETAPP DS14MK4 ESH4 4GB SFP I/O MODULE
106-00199+A0Netapp Refurbished ESH4 MODULE R5
106-00199+A1Netapp Refurbished 10600199A1 NetApp ESH4 4GB FC MODULE RS-LRC-F4-SBD-NA
106-00199+B0Netapp Refurbished ESH4 MODULE
106-00199+C0Netapp Refurbished 10600199C0 NetApp ESH4 X5512A-R5 4Gb 106-00199+C0 SFP Mini-GBIC Control Mod
106-00200Netapp Refurbished 10600200 NetApp X1049A-R6 Quad Gigabit Ethernet PCIe Controller Copper
106-00200+A0Netapp Refurbished 10600200A0 NetApp X1049A Quad Port Gigabit Ethernet PCI-E
106-00201Netapp Refurbished NetApp Nic 4 Port Copper GBe Pci-x NEW
106-01384Netapp Refurbished Dell 10/100 Ethernet PCI Adapter
106-02082Netapp Refurbished 10602082 NETAPP FC COMM MOD
106-02082+C1Netapp Refurbished 10602082C1 31589-16 Copper-Copper DB9 LRC Module
106-02082+D0Netapp Refurbished 10602082D0 Copper-Copper DB9 LRC Module
106-02083Netapp Refurbished 10602083 NetApp 106-02083 X5502A Optical-Copper LRC Fiber Fibre Module
106-10828Netapp Refurbished 10610828 II
106-10829Netapp Refurbished 10610829 II
107-00011Netapp Refurbished 10700011 Netapp 1GB Dimm for FAS980
107-00012Netapp Refurbished 1GB MEMORY DIMM
107-00018Netapp Refurbished NetApp X3194A-R6 DIMM 2GB ECC 6XXX Memry
107-00018+A0Netapp Refurbished NetApp 107-00018+A0 X3194-R6 2GB DIMM Memory for FAS6030 FAS6040
107-00026Netapp Refurbished DIMM2GBDDR 400FAS3070
107-00026+A0Netapp Refurbished 2GB PC3200 184P DDR DIMM
107-00029Netapp Refurbished 512MB CACHE MODULE
107-00031Netapp Refurbished NetApp X3185A-R5 DIMM ECC 1GB Syst Memry
107-00035Netapp Refurbished NETAPP DIMM1GBSystem Memory
107-00038Netapp Refurbished 2GB DDR MEMORY DIMM
107-00038+A0Netapp Refurbished NETAPP X3187-R5 107-00038+A0 2GB FAS3140 FAS3160 FAS3170 DIMM Me
107-00085Netapp Refurbished NetApp 2GB ECC System Memory FAS2040
107-02253Netapp Refurbished 10702253 512MB MEMORY DIMM
10700033Netapp Refurbished NetApp Memory 1GB DIMM
108-00004+C0Netapp Refurbished 10800004C0 250GB SATA 1.5GBS 3.5 w/tray X262B-SP-262
108-00030Netapp Refurbished NetApp 144GB 10000RPM Hard Drive for DS14/DS14Mk2
108-00030+B0Netapp Refurbished 10800030B0 144GB Hard Drive 10000RPM 3GBPS w/tray X274-SP-274
108-00031Netapp Refurbished NetApp 300GB 10K FC Hard Drive
108-00043Netapp Refurbished 10800043 NetApp 36GB 10000RPM FC-AL Hard Drive for DS14
108-00044Netapp Refurbished 10800044 NetApp 72GB 10000RPM FC-AL Hard Drive for DS14
108-00056+A1Netapp Refurbished 10800056A1 72GB 10000RPM Fibre Fiber Hard Drive NETAPP TRAY
108-00057Netapp Refurbished 10800057 NetApp 144GB 10000RPM Hard Drive for DS14/DS14Mk2
108-00057+A1Netapp Refurbished 10800057A1 NetApp 144GB 10000RPM Hard Drive for DS14/DS14Mk2
108-00074+A0Netapp Refurbished 10800074A0 300GB FC 10000RPM Hard Drive
108-00082Netapp Refurbished NetApp 108-00082 146GB Internal Hard Drive Fujitsu MAW3147FC CLEI 4523001370
108-00082Netapp NetApp 108-00082 146GB Internal Hard Drive Fujitsu MAW3147FC CLEI 4523001370
108-00082+A0Netapp Refurbished 10800082A0 NetApp Hard Drive Caddy for 3.5-inch Fibre Fiber Channel Drives Mfr P/
108-00082+A1Netapp Refurbished 144gb 10k FC Drive for SD14 MK2
108-00083Netapp Refurbished 10800083 NetApp 300GB 10000RPM Hard Drive for DS14/DS14Mk2
108-00083+A0Netapp Refurbished 10800083A0 300GB 10000RPM Hard Drive FC w/ tray for DS14 FC
108-00083+A1Netapp Refurbished 10800083A1 300GB 10000RPM Hard Drive FC w/ tray for DS14 FC
108-00083+A2Netapp Refurbished NetApp 300GB 10000RPM FC Disk drive with tray for DS14MK4 Storag
108-00085Netapp Refurbished 10800085 146GB 10000RPM Hard Drive FC-AL Disk Drive
108-00085+A0Netapp Refurbished 144GB 15K FC DS14MK2 Disk Drive
108-00087+A0Netapp Refurbished 10800087A0 Netapp 320GB SATA Drive with Tray
108-00088Netapp Refurbished Netapp 500GB SATA 7.2K DS14MK2-AT Hard Drive
108-00088+A1Netapp Refurbished 10800088A1 500GB SATA 3GBPS 3.5 w/tray SP-267-R5
108-00092Netapp Refurbished NetApp Blank Disk Tray FAS2020/2040/2050
108-00149+A0Netapp Refurbished 10800149A0 NETAPP 750GB 72K RPM FC W/ TRAY
108-00149+A1Netapp Refurbished 10800149A1 750GB SATA Hard Drive 7200RPM
108-00155+A0Netapp Refurbished 146GB 15K FC Hard Drive W/ TRAY
108-00155+B0Netapp Refurbished 10800155B0 Netapp 144GB Hard Drive 15000RPM FC 4GBPS
108-00155+B1Netapp Refurbished 10800155B1 Netapp 144GB Hard Drive 15000RPM FC 4GBPS
108-00155+B2Netapp Refurbished 10800155B2 146GBNETAPPHard Drive HDD
108-00156Netapp Refurbished 10800156 300GB Fibbre Channel 15000RPM Hard Drive
108-00156+A0Netapp Refurbished 300GB 15K 4Gbs hot swap FC w/ tray
108-00156+B1Netapp Refurbished 10800156B1 300GB Fibbre Channel 15000RPM Hard Drive
108-00156+B2Netapp Refurbished 10800156B2 300GB Fibbre Channel 15000RPM Hard Drive
108-00156+B4Netapp Refurbished 300GB3.5in15K RPMFCDISK DRIVE
108-00166Netapp Refurbished NetApp 300GB 15K SAS FAS2020 Disk Drive
108-00171+C0Netapp Refurbished 10800171C0 Netapp 146GB SAS Hard Drive 15000RPM 3GBPS drives
108-00180Netapp Refurbished 10800180 Netapp 1TB Hard Drive 7200RPM Drive
108-00180+A1Netapp Refurbished NetApp FAS2050 1TB Sata 3.5 7.2K 3GBPS w/tray
108-00180+A2Netapp Refurbished NETAPP SATA TO FC DISK TRAY ONLY
108-00180+A3Netapp Refurbished 10800180A3 NetApp FAS2050 1TB Sata 3.5-inch Hard Drive 7200RPM 3GBPS w/tray
108-00180+A4Netapp Refurbished 1TB 7200RPM FC w/ tray
108-00180+A5Netapp Refurbished 10800180A5 NetApp 1TB Hard Drive 7200RPM 3GBPS w/tray FAS2050 Shelf
108-00182Netapp Refurbished NetApp 750GB 7.2K SATA FAS2020 Dsk Drive
108-00187Netapp Refurbished NetApp 500GB 7.2K RPM SATA HDD FAS2020
108-00197Netapp Refurbished NetApp 1TB 7.2K SATA FAS2020 Disk Drive
108-00205Netapp Refurbished 450GB 15K RPM 4GB FC Disk Drive for DS14 MK4 MK2 ShelfP/N :
108-00205+B0Netapp Refurbished 10800205B0 450GB Fibre Channel 15K RPM
108-00205+B1Netapp Refurbished 10800205B1 450GB 15000 RPM 4G Hard Drive FC for DS14MK2-AT 04/29/14 KDr
108-00205+B2Netapp Refurbished 10800205B2 450GB Fibre Fiber Channel 15000RPM Hard Drive
108-00206Netapp Refurbished 10800206 NetApp 450GB Hard Drive 15000RPM 3.5-inch FC in NetApp Tray for FAS20XX
108-00206+A0Netapp Refurbished 450GB SAS 15KRPM 6Gbsp 3.5 inch internal drive
108-00206+C0Netapp 450GB SAS 15K RPM
108-00206+C1Netapp 450GB SAS 15K RPM
108-00221Netapp Refurbished NetApp 600GB 10k 6Gb 2.5 SAS DS2246 Hard Drive
108-00221+A0Netapp Refurbished 10800221A0 600GB SAS 10000RPM Hard Drive 2.5-inch
108-00221HNetapp Refurbished NetApp 600GB 10K SAS Disk Drive
108-00222Netapp Refurbished NetApp X423A-R5 900GB 10K SAS 6Gb 2.5 Hard Drive 108-00222+A0 f
108-00225+A0Netapp 600GB SAS 15K RPM
108-00226Netapp Refurbished NetApp 600GB 15K RPM SAS HDD FAS2020
108-00226+A1Netapp 600GB SAS 15K RPM
108-00227Netapp Refurbished NetApp 600GB 15K SAS DS4243 Disk Drive
108-00227+A0Netapp Refurbished 10800227A0 600GB Hard Drive 15000RPM SAS for DS4343
108-00227+A1Netapp Refurbished NetApp 600GB 15K SAS DS4243 Disk Drive
108-00231Netapp Refurbished DS4243 BLANK DISK FILLER X5051-R6
108-00232Netapp Refurbished NetApp 300GB 15K SAS DS4243
108-00232+A0Netapp 300GB SAS 15K.6 RPM
108-00233Netapp Refurbished NetApp 450GB 15K SAS Hard Disk Drive
108-00233+A0Netapp Refurbished 10800233A0 450GB Hard Drive 15000RPM 3.5-inch SAS HDD
108-00233+A1Netapp 450GB SAS 15K RPM
108-00234Netapp Refurbished NetApp DS4243 DS4246 1TB 7.2K Dsk Drive
108-00234+A0Netapp Refurbished 10800234A0 1TB SATA 7200 RPM
108-00242Netapp Refurbished NetApp 2TB 7.2K SATA DS4243 Disk Drive
108-00242+A0Netapp Refurbished 2TB 7.2K RPM 3Gb SATA HDD
108-00255Netapp Refurbished NetApp 3TB 7.2K SATA DS4243 Disk Drive
108-00268Netapp Refurbished 1TB SATA 7.2K HGST DRIVE ONLY
108-00270+A1Netapp 2TB SATA 7200 RPM
108-00278Netapp Refurbished NetApp 100GB 3Gb DS4243 DS4346 SSD
108-0057+A1Netapp 146GB 10k FC Drive
108-01475Netapp Refurbished 10801475 NetApp AC Power Supply for StorageShelf FC9
108-01477Netapp NETAPP FC9 108-01477- STORAGE SHELF W/ 7 72GIG HD 2 PWR SUP 1 EM
108-01959Netapp Refurbished 10801959 NetApp 18Gb FC. Disk + Bracket HEM3E89-BAP-3CO
108-01981Netapp 36GBhotswap fiberchannel
108-01989Netapp 36GBhotswapx225SP-225fiberchannel
108-02080Netapp Refurbished 10802080 NETAPP DS14 PS/BLOWER MODULE
108-02080+D0Netapp Refurbished 10802080D0 450W DS14 Power Supply Unit
108-02113Netapp Refurbished 10802113 NetApp 18Gb FC. Disk + Bracket HEM3E8-BAP-1CO
108-02281Netapp Refurbished 10802281 300 W POWER SUPPLY AC CHEROKEE
108-02290Netapp Refurbished 10802290 301W X721A PSU ( Power Supply Unit )
10801167Netapp Refurbished POWER SUPPLY FOR NET Application SERVER F720
110-00003Netapp Refurbished 11000003 NetApp R200 FAS960 Memory Board 110-00003+B0 G7GFS
110-00003+C0Netapp Refurbished MEMORY CARRIER ASSY.
110-00011Netapp Refurbished ENT-110000008101A REV:D CPU MPC8241LZQ16
110-00024Netapp Refurbished FA S980 Mother Board
110-00024+D0Netapp Refurbished FAS980 Motherboard
110-00046+D0Netapp Refurbished 11000046D0 FAS270 2GB CONTROLLER
110-00046+E0Netapp Refurbished FAS270 CONTROLLER MOTHERBOARD
110-00056+A1Netapp Refurbished Pro/1000MT Dual FAS3020 Mother board
110-00057+C0Netapp Refurbished 11000057C0 NetApp 110-00057+C0 X3304-R5 Remote Lan Module with Plastic Cadd
110-00081Netapp Refurbished FAS3020 MOTHER BOARD CONTROLLER
110-00082Netapp Refurbished RISER A PCI EXP BOARD
110-00092Netapp Refurbished Netapp X3940A-R5 FAS980 Motherboard No Mem R5
110-00186+A0Netapp Refurbished Pro/1000MT Dual FAS3020 Mother board
110-01579Netapp Refurbished 1GB KIT 2X512MB Memory PC3200 400MHZ DDR 184-Pin DIMM Unbuffered CL3 2 6V
110-01599Netapp New 1GB KIT 2X512MB Memory PC3200 400MHZ DDR 184-Pin DIMM Unbuffered CL3 2 6V
110-01599Netapp Refurbished 1GB KIT 2X512MB Memory PC3200 400MHZ DDR 184-Pin DIMM Unbuffered CL3 2 6V
110-01713Netapp Refurbished 11001713 NETAPP System Board ( Motherboard ) V
110-01803Netapp Refurbished 11001803 NetApp X3760B F760 Motherboard
110-02085Netapp Refurbished NVRAM 3 W/ 64MB PCB MEMORY C6100F85
110-02087Netapp Refurbished 11002087 II
110-02091Netapp Refurbished 11002091 PCB Assembly NVRAM3128MB
110-02403Netapp Refurbished EMC POWER SUPPLY MW 750W 50/60HZ 48-58V POWER SUPPLY
110-02450Netapp Refurbished F820 SYSTEM BOARD
110-03090Netapp Refurbished 11003090 NetApp Power Supply for F540 F520
110-03175-A3Netapp Refurbished 11003175A3 Dual SE Wide SCSI Adapter
110-03186Netapp Refurbished 11003186 NETWORK APPLIANCE 110-03186 DUAL DIFF-WIDE SCSI CARD
111-00016Netapp Refurbished FAS250 Controller Module
111-00018Netapp Refurbished 11100018 QLA2352 full height
111-00019+A2Netapp Refurbished 11100019A2 NETWORK APPLIANCE Single PORT HBA Host Bus Adapter PCI PK1E#1-B25-1C
111-00021+E0Netapp Refurbished 11100021E0 Network Appliance NVRAM4 with battery and memory
111-00022Netapp New 11100022 NVRAM5 with Battery 512MB Memory Adapter Card
111-00022Netapp Refurbished 11100022 NVRAM5 with Battery 512MB Memory Adapter Card
111-00022+D0Netapp Refurbished NVRAM5 with Battery 512MB Memory Adapter Card
111-00022+G0Netapp Refurbished NVRAM5 W/ BATTERY 512MB.
111-00022+H0Netapp Refurbished NVRAM5 RAID CNTRL W/512MB BATTERY
111-00023Netapp Refurbished 11100023 NETWORK APPLIANCE 111-00023+CO NVRAM4 ADAPTER
111-00023+C0Netapp Refurbished 11100023C0 NetApp R200 Server NVRAM4 Card 256MB PCI-X 111-00023+C0 201-000
111-00024Netapp Refurbished 11100024 Adaptec ASC-39160 Dual Ultra160 PCI SCSI Adapter
111-00024+A1Netapp Refurbished 11100024A1 II
111-00032Netapp Refurbished 11100032 111-00032 - CompactFlash Boot Card Adapter
111-00042Netapp Refurbished 11100042 NETWORK APPLIANCE 111-00042+A2 PCI ADAPTER
111-00042+A2Netapp Refurbished 11100042A2 NetApp JNI InfiniBand Dual 2GB PCI 111-00042+A2 IBP-1X02-N-NA
111-00051Netapp Refurbished 11100051 111-00051 NetApp 2GB Dual Portss Fibre Fiber PCI-X
111-00051+B0Netapp Refurbished 11100051B0 NETAPP 111-00051+B0 PCIX FIRBE ADAPTER
111-00056+A1Netapp Refurbished Pro/1000MT Dual FAS3020 Motherboard
111-00058Netapp Refurbished 11100058 DUAL Fibre Fiber SERVER ADAPTER
111-00065Netapp NetApp PSU W/FANS750WAC DS2246 R6
111-00110+A0Netapp Refurbished FAS 3020C FRONT BEZEL ASSEMBLY
111-00113Netapp New 11100113 Netapp PCI-X Dual Port 2GB Fibre Fiber Controller New Pull
111-00113Netapp Refurbished 11100113 Netapp PCI-X Dual Port 2GB Fibre Fiber Controller Pull
111-00127Netapp Refurbished 11100127 Netapp NVRAM6 2GB PCI-E Controller
111-00128Netapp Refurbished IOM3 SAS controller for DS4343
111-00132Netapp New 11100132
111-00138Netapp Refurbished NetApp PCI Sngl Memory Slot 512MB and Battery
111-00138+G0Netapp Refurbished NVRAM6 w/ Battery 512MB Memory
111-00141Netapp Refurbished NETAPP Module Remote LAN FAS30X0/CX300
111-00161+B0Netapp Refurbished 11100161B0 E NATAPP 2GB Single Port Fibre Fiber PCI-X
111-00161+B0Netapp New 11100161B0 E NATAPP 2GB Single Port Fibre Fiber PCI-X
111-00163Netapp Refurbished NetApp PCI-X FCP 2-Port 4GB R6 Adapter
111-00169Netapp Refurbished 11100169 SUB Assembly KEYED 60MM FAN
111-00174Netapp Refurbished NIC TOE1-Port10GbEFiPCI-X
111-00186Netapp Refurbished Storage Motherboard No Memory FAS3070
111-00186+C2Netapp Refurbished Netapp SP-3944-R5 Motherboard FAS-3070
111-00199Netapp Refurbished 11100199 111-00138+F0 NVRAM6 PCI SINGLE
111-00199+B0Netapp Refurbished 11100199B0 NVRAM 5 W/ BATTERY 512 MB MEMORY
111-00199+B1Netapp Refurbished NVRAM5 w/ Battery 512MB Memory
111-00200Netapp Refurbished NetApp FAS3020 Motherboard without Memory
111-00200+A2Netapp Refurbished Netapp SP-3945-R5 Motherboard FAS-3020
111-00200+B0Netapp Refurbished FAS3020 FILTER HEAD SYSTEM PLANAR
111-00201Netapp Refurbished NetApp FAS3050 Motherboard No Memory
111-00203Netapp Refurbished IBM Remote LAN Module
111-00203+A0Netapp Refurbished RLM CARD FROM NSERIES 2864-A20 / G20
111-00203+B0Netapp Refurbished REMOTE LAN MODULE
111-00204Netapp Refurbished NetApp 2 Prt Opti Tape PCI 4GB R6 HBA
111-00204+A1Netapp Refurbished NetApp Dual Port PCI-E 4Gb HBA
111-00227Netapp Refurbished FAS270 Motherboard Controller Module
111-00236Netapp Refurbished FAS2020 FRONT BEZEL
111-00237Netapp Refurbished 11100237 NetApp FAS2020 Motherboard w/ Memory
111-00237+D1Netapp Refurbished FAS2020 CONTROLLER MODULE
111-00238Netapp Refurbished NetApp FAS2050 Motherboard w/ Memory
111-00238+G1Netapp Refurbished 11100238G1 FAS2050 Controller
111-00238+H3Netapp Refurbished FAS2050 controller
111-00285Netapp Refurbished QLE2464-NAP NETAPP 4GB Quad Port Fibre PCI-E
111-00285+00Netapp Refurbished 1110028500 E 111-00285+00 NETAPP 4GB Quad Port Fibre Fiber PCI-E
111-00285+A0Netapp Refurbished NetApp 4-Port PCI-E 4Gb HBA
111-00286Netapp Refurbished NetApp 4-Port Optical 4Gb PCI-X R5 HBA
111-00290Netapp Refurbished NetApp 111-00290+A0 X1124A-R6 HBA FC- Virtual Interface 2- Port
111-00293Netapp Refurbished 11100293 NetApp 10G NIC TOE 2P FC includes SFPs X1008A-R6
111-00297Netapp Refurbished FAS2020 cntrlmod filler pnl
111-00341Netapp Refurbished 11100341 NetApp X2065A 6GB/s SAS PCI-E HBA Host Bus Adapter
111-00341+B0Netapp Refurbished NetApp X2065A-R6 HBA SAS 4-PORT Copper 3/6 GB QSFP PCIe 111-0034
111-00343+A0Netapp Refurbished HARDWARE COMPRESSION NIC adapt
111-00380+A1Netapp Refurbished 4GB I/O module with 8 Finisar
111-00415Netapp Refurbished 11100415 NetApp FC HBA Host Bus Adapter 4-Port 4GB PCIE R6
111-00415+A0Netapp Refurbished 111-00415+A0 Netapp X2054-R6 QUAD 4Gbps 4-Port Fiber Channel Car
111-00422Netapp NETAPP FAS3140 CONTROLLER
111-00478+B0Netapp Netapp X1139A-R6 111-00478+B0 ADPT 2-Port Unified Target 10GbE S
111-00480Netapp Refurbished NetApp 2-Port 8Gb PCIe FCP Targt Crd HBA
111-00485Netapp Refurbished NetApp X5712A-R6 IOM3 3Gb SAS Controller
111-00485+C1Netapp Refurbished DS4243 IOM3 Controller module
111-00524Netapp Refurbished NetApp FAS2040 Motherboard w/Memory
111-00603Netapp Refurbished NetApp Dual-Port SFP+ 10GbE NIC PCIe Crd
111-00693+F3Netapp Refurbished Controller FAS3240-CNTLR-INT-R6
111-00708Netapp Refurbished NetApp Flash Cache 512GB - cache accelerator X1971A-R5
111-00732Netapp Refurbished NETAPP DS4243 CONTROLLER MODULE BLANK
111-00733Netapp Refurbished DS4243 PSU BLANK FILLER 111-00526
111-00811Netapp NetApp Mezzanine 2-port 8Gbps FC Card
111-01392Netapp Refurbished 11101392 NETWORK APPLIANCE 111-01392 PCI Fibre Fiber ADAPTER
111-01398Netapp Refurbished 11101398 1GB FC PCI QLA2200G
111-01400Netapp Refurbished 11101400 1GB FC PCI QLA2200G
111-01457Netapp Refurbished 11101457 II
111-01748Netapp Refurbished 11101748 Dual Fan hot plug cage DB
111-01750Netapp Refurbished 11101750 Hot-Swap chassis fan Assembly DB
111-01780Netapp Refurbished 11101780 111-01780 NETWORK APPLIANCE / FRONT PANEL LED LCD ASSEMBLY F72
111-02088Netapp Refurbished 11102088 NETWORK APPLIANCE 111-02088 PCI NVRAM ADAPTER
111-02088+D0Netapp Refurbished 11102088D0 Network Appliance NVRAM4 with battery and memory
111-J9997Netapp Refurbished FAN PLUG IN MODULE
11100204Netapp New NetApp 2 Prt Opti Tape PCI 4GB R6 HBA
11100294Netapp New NETAPP LP11000 Fibre Fiber CHANNEL HBA ( Host Bus Adapter )
11100359Netapp Refurbished Motherboard W/O memory for FAS3040
11100569Netapp Refurbished Controller IOM3 Module for DS4243
112-00028Netapp Refurbished HSSDC2-HSSDC2 Shelf-Shelf Cable
112-00031Netapp Refurbished 11200031 9PIN TO HSSDC2
112-00045Netapp Refurbished NetApp SFP to SFP Fibre Channel Cable 0.5M GP69A#1M1-BAP3-8CO
112-00049Netapp Refurbished NetApp Shelf Cable
112-00054Netapp Refurbished NetApp CONSOLE ADPT RJ45 TO DB9
112-00054+A0Netapp Refurbished NetApp RJ45-DB9 Console Cable
112-00062Netapp Refurbished NETAPP 5M OPTICAL CABLE LC - LC
112-00077Netapp Refurbished Cluster Cable Set
112-00084Netapp Refurbished 11200084 NetApp SFP to SFP Fibre Fiber Channel Cable 0.5M GP69A#1M1-Bap3-14CO
112-00090Netapp Refurbished NetApp 5 Meter Optical LC/LC Ends
112-00090+A0Netapp New Net APP Fc cable LC-LC 5M X6518A PK3C#3-B6-2COPK3C#7-1C
112-00111Netapp Refurbished 11200111 DB9-DB9 NULL 15 LONG
112-00120Netapp Refurbished NETAPP 2M Optical Cable LC - LC
112-00177Netapp New 11200177 NetApp X6558-R6 SAS Cable 2 Meters p/n 112-00177
112-00177Netapp Refurbished 11200177 NetApp X6558-R6 SAS Cable 2 Meters p/n 112-00177
112-00178Netapp New 11200178 NetApp X6559-R6 External SAS Cable QSFP Connector Type p/n 112-0
112-00188Netapp Refurbished NetApp CONTROLLER-SHELF/SWITCH2M Cable
112-00188+A0Netapp New CABLE 50U 2GHZ/KM MM LC/LC 2M OP
112-00194Netapp New NetApp Ethernet ACP RJ45 CAT6 0.5M X6560-R6 Cable 112-00194+A0
112-00194Netapp Refurbished NetApp Ethernet ACP RJ45 CAT6 0.5M X6560-R6 Cable 112-00194+A0
112-00195Netapp Refurbished NetApp Ethernet ACP RJ45 CAT6 X6561-R6 Cable 112-00195+A0
112-00195Netapp New NetApp Ethernet ACP RJ45 CAT6 X6561-R6 Cable 112-00195+A0
112-00196Netapp Refurbished NetApp Ethernet ACP RJ45 CAT6 5 M X6562-R6 Cable 112-00196+A0
112-01603Netapp Refurbished 11201603 Netapp DB9F to DB9F CABLE GP63B30-B4-3C
112-02115Netapp Refurbished 11202115 Network Appliance TurboQuad 2-Ft Copper Fiber Fibre Channel Cable
112-03100Netapp Refurbished 2M CABLE PAIR LC-LC
11200176Netapp New CABLE SAS CNTLR-SHELF/SH-SH0.5M
11200176Netapp Refurbished CABLE SAS CNTLR-SHELF/SH-SH0.5M
11200178Netapp Refurbished 11200178 NetApp X6559-R6 External SAS Cable QSFP Connector Type p/n 112-0
114-00004Netapp Refurbished 11400004 FAS940 Power Supply
114-00004+D0Netapp Refurbished 11400004D0 300-Watt hot swap power supplies
114-00004-NNetapp New 11400004N FAS980C Power Supply 300-Watt New Pull
114-00012Netapp Refurbished 11400012 NetApp Ds14 440w Power Supply RS-PSU-450-AC1N
114-00012 D0Netapp Refurbished 11400012D0 440W DS14 PSU ( Power Supply Unit )
114-00012+C0Netapp Refurbished DS14 440W RPS Power Supply UnitRS-PSU-450-AC1N
114-00012+D0Netapp Refurbished NetApp DS14 440W Power Supply RS-PSU-450AC 1N
114-00013Netapp Refurbished 11400013 650 watt hot swap power supply.
114-00013+A0Netapp Refurbished 650 w/ Power supply for FAS30X0 series
114-00015Netapp Refurbished NetApp STD 110VAC 1100W 6XXX Srs Power Supply
114-00015+B0Netapp Refurbished 11400015B0 1064W P3R033 PSU Power Supply Unit
114-00015+D0Netapp Refurbished 11400015D0 1064W P3R033 PSU Power Supply Unit
114-00021Netapp Refurbished 11400021 NetApp DS14MK2/DS14MK4 110/220V Power Supply
114-00021+A0Netapp Refurbished 11400021A0 NetApp 440W AC Redundant Power Supply Unit
114-00024Netapp Refurbished 11400024 NETAPP FAS3020 650W POWER SUPPLY
114-00024+A0Netapp Refurbished 650W FAS3040 FAS3070 PSU Power Supply
114-00024+A1Netapp Refurbished POWER SUPPLY MODULE FAS3040
114-00028Netapp Refurbished 11400028 FAS6070 FAS6080 Power supply 1100W
114-00028+B0Netapp Refurbished 11400028B0 1100W PSU Power Supply Unit
114-00041Netapp Refurbished NetApp AC 855W Power Supply w/ Fans
114-00041+C4Netapp Refurbished NetApp FAS2050 855W PSU
114-00041+C5Netapp Refurbished FAS2050 power supply
114-00051Netapp Refurbished NetApp 675W AC Power Supply w/ Fans
114-00053Netapp Refurbished 11400053 NetApp PSU Power Supply Unit for DS14MK2-AT Disk Shelf
114-00053+A0Netapp Refurbished 440W DS14MK2 PSU Power Supply
114-00055Netapp Refurbished NetApp FAS3140 850W 891W 220v PSU
114-00055+A0Netapp Refurbished 11400055A0 891WATT Power Supply FOR FAS3140
114-00058Netapp Refurbished NetApp PSU w/ fans 580W AC DS4243 R6
114-00058+A0Netapp 580W DS4243 PSU
114-00063Netapp Refurbished NetApp X758-R5 850W AC FAS3100 Srs PS
114-00063+A0Netapp Refurbished FAS3XXX chassis power supply
114-00065Netapp Refurbished NetApp 750W AC PSU Power Supply w/ Fans DS2246
114-00070Netapp Refurbished NetApp PSU Power Supply w/Fans 580W AC DS4243 R6
114-00070+A0Netapp Refurbished DS4243 580W Power supply
114-00076Netapp Refurbished NetApp 440W Pwr Supply for DS14 Drv Encl
114-00087Netapp Refurbished DS4243 PSU W/FANS 580W AC for DS4246 X518A-R5
116-00018Netapp Refurbished 11600018 R100 Series Cabinet
116-00078Netapp Refurbished 11600078 Netapp Shelter 42U
117-00005Netapp New Power Cable In-Cabinet
150-00027Netapp Refurbished NetApp Sngl-Phse 12-Outlt 30A PDU NEMA
17R6348Netapp Refurbished NetApp 144GB 10000RPM Hard Drive for DS14/DS14Mk2
200-01579Netapp New 20001579 Control board for net Application server F720
200-01579Netapp Refurbished 20001579 Control board for net Application server F720
200-01775Netapp Refurbished 20001775 Front panel led lcd assembly for F720 net Application server
200-03131Netapp Refurbished 20003131 Netapp Dual Diff-Wide SCSI 200-03131 Controller Card
201-00006Netapp Refurbished 20100006 NetApp R200 Server NVRAM4 Card 256MB PCI-X 111-00023 Rev.B0 201
201-00006-1Netapp Refurbished 201000061 NetApp R200 Server NVRAM4 Card 256MB PCI-X 111-00023+C0 201-000
201-02085Netapp Refurbished 20102085 NETAPP NVRAM CARD 110-02091 REV.A0 201-02085 REV.E
211-01682Netapp Refurbished 21101682 Video Tape Net Application Storage
211-01683Netapp Refurbished 21101683 Video Tape Net Application Storage
211-01684Netapp Refurbished 21101684 Video Tape Net Application Storage
211-01685Netapp Refurbished 21101685 Video Tape Net Application Storage
211-01692Netapp Refurbished 21101692 Video Tape Net Application Storage
211-01693Netapp Refurbished 21101693 Video Tape Net Application Storage
243-650812Netapp Refurbished 243650812 MOTHERBOARD DUAL XEON NETAPPLIANCE DG7GFR243-650812-A-0112
271-00002Netapp Refurbished 27100002 Netapp NVRAM Controller Battery
271-00010Netapp Refurbished NVRAM BATTERY FAS2020 CONTROLLER
271-00011Netapp Refurbished NetApp Controller Battery for FAS2050
271-00020+A0Netapp Refurbished NetApp 6-Cell Battery
31589-13Netapp Refurbished 3158913 DBP MODULE FOR NETAPP RAID SYSTEMS
31589-17Netapp Refurbished 3158917 DB9 MODULE FOR NETAPP RAID SYSTEMS
332-00006Netapp Refurbished 33200006 Netapp 2gbps SW SFP Transceiver
332-00006+A0Netapp Refurbished 2GB Gbic optical adapter
332-00008Netapp Refurbished Copper-fiber converter for 4X IB fiber
332-00011Netapp Refurbished 4GB SW FC SFP
332-00011+A0Netapp Refurbished 33200011A0 Finisair 4.25Gb/s Optical Tranceiver
332-00278R6Netapp Refurbished 8Gbps SFP+ Optical Transceiver Short Wave 850nm LC Connector 3
332-00279R6+A1Netapp Refurbished 10Gb 10GbE Ethernet SFP+ 10GBASE-SR Optical Transceiver Short W
430-00009Netapp Refurbished 43000009 STORAGESHELF ATA Fibre Fiber ARRAY
430-00009+B0Netapp Refurbished 43000009B0 DRIVE ARRAY W/ 14X 320GB SATAHD AND Fibre Fiber CHANNEL
430-00010Netapp Refurbished NetApp DS14 MK2 FC 14 bay rack. DS14MK2 146GB 300GB drives ava
430-00017Netapp Refurbished Netapp 2020/2040 Chassis w/o PSU or controller
430-00018+B0Netapp Refurbished NETAPP DS14 MK2 DRIVE ARRAY
430-00019+A0Netapp Refurbished 43000019A0 DRIVE ARRAY W/ 14X 146GB FC HDAND Fibre Fiber CHANNEL Interface
430-00019+B0Netapp Refurbished DS14-MK2 14-SLOT FC DISK SHELF
430-00022Netapp Refurbished FAS30X0 Chassis Assy w/o PSU
430-00028+A0Netapp Refurbished FC DRIVE ARRAY W/ 14X300GB
430-00048Netapp Refurbished NETAPP DS4243 Network Sotrage Array
430-00048+B0Netapp Refurbished DS4243 CHASSIS
430-00048+C0Netapp Refurbished NETAPP DS4243 Network Sotrage Array
430-00049Netapp Refurbished Netapp 2020/2040 Chassis w/o PSU or controller
430-0009Netapp Refurbished 4300009 DS14MK2 AT Shelf
43000010+C0Netapp Refurbished 43000010C0 14 DRIVE Fibre Fiber ARRAY CHASSIS
43569-04ANetapp FAS250 14-SLOT DISK BACKPLANE
43648-15Netapp Refurbished 4364815 2GB ESH MODULE COPPER-COPPER
440-00003Netapp Refurbished 44000003 NetApp X5604A R1XX Storage Shelf Blower 440-00003 REV A1
441-00001Netapp New 44100001 Hot Swap System Fan Module Kit
441-00001Netapp Refurbished 44100001 Hot Swap System Fan Module Kit
441-00001+C0Netapp Refurbished 44100001C0 441-00001+C0 NETAPP FAN MODULE FOR NEARSTONE R200
441-00006Netapp Refurbished 44100006 FAN
441-00007+A0Netapp Refurbished X8531 FAN ASSY HOT SWAP FAS30X0
441-00008+C1Netapp Refurbished 441-00008+C1 X8532-R5 Blower Fan Assembly Hot Swap
441-00012Netapp Refurbished NetApp Hot Swap FAS30X0/CX300 Fan Assy
441-00012+A0Netapp Refurbished 441-00012+A0 FAS3070 Hot Swap Fan Assembly 06/26/14 KDr
441-00020Netapp Refurbished NetApp FAS3100 Fan Module
441-00020+A2Netapp Refurbished 44100020A2 NETAPP FAN MODULE FOR FAS3140
441-00020+A3Netapp Refurbished FAS31X0 FAN TRAY ASSBLY
441-00025Netapp Refurbished Fan Assy for 32XX Series Filers
441-00025+A0Netapp Refurbished FAS3240 FAN TRAY ASSY
441-00027Netapp Refurbished NetApp Fan Assy for 6200/3100/SA620 Srs
441-01750Netapp Refurbished 44101750 SP-6203C FAN FOR STORAGESHELF FC9
44192-08ANetapp Refurbished 4419208A 440 WATTS POWER SUPPLY - RS-PSU-450-AC1N
443-00001Netapp Refurbished 44300001 NETAPP R200 LCD OPERATOR CONTROL PANEL
443-00003Netapp Refurbished 44300003 LCD Panel Assembly FAS/C/2XXX/3XXX
443-00006Netapp Refurbished NetApp FAS30X0/C3300/C2300 LCD Panl Assy
443-00006+A0Netapp Refurbished 44300006A0 NetApp LCD Panel Assembly 443-00006+A0
443-0001Netapp Refurbished 4430001 NetApp R-200 FAS960 Front Panel LCD w/Board 443-00001
443-0006+A0Netapp Refurbished 4430006A0 Netapp FAS3020 FRONT LCD AND FAN Assembly
44443-05Netapp Refurbished 4444305 DS14MK2 AT Shelf
44515-08Netapp Refurbished DS14 MK2 FC ARRAY
45054-06Netapp Refurbished FAS250 BAY BLANK
45568-11Netapp Refurbished 4556811 DS14 Storage Controller Module
46X1133Netapp Refurbished 2TB 7.2K RPM 3Gb SATA HDD
46X1135Netapp Refurbished 2TB 7.2K RPM 3Gb SATA HDD
47776-02Netapp 900GB SAS 10K RPM 2.5
47777-03Netapp 600GB SAS 10K RPM 2.5 with Tray
49032-04Netapp Refurbished 4903204 NETAPP 146GB Hard Drive 10000RPM FC Drive with Tray
501-00387Netapp Refurbished 1GB FLASH CARD
50383-01Netapp SEAGATE 3TB 7.2K 3.5 SAS 6Gbps HDD - NETAPP WITH BRACKET PN: 51
51496-00Netapp NETAPP TRAY/BRACKET 3.5
52105-05Netapp Refurbished NetApp AT-FCX Controller Module
56231-02Netapp Refurbished ESH2 CONTROLLER MODULE FOR DS14 MK2 SHELF
58410-05Netapp Refurbished 5841005 NetApp ESH2 Controller Module 106-00076+E0
5A320J00816D3Netapp Refurbished 320GB ATA/133 Hard Drive W/ TRAY FOR DS14 MK2 AT
60-00000190Netapp Refurbished 6000000190 Netapp FAS2050 Midplane Board
61320Netapp Refurbished Netapp AT-FC2 Controller Module
64362-04BNetapp Refurbished 6436204B Xyratex RS-PSU-450-AC1N DS14 MK2 240V 440-Watt Power Supply 01/08/14 KDr
64362-04DNetapp Refurbished 6436204D 440W PSU Power Supply Unit
65228-04Netapp Refurbished ESH2 CONTROLLER MODULE FOR DS14 MK2 SHELF
65228-05Netapp Refurbished 6522805 NetApp ESH2 Controller Module 106-00100+A0
69001979-F00-NTA-TNetapp Refurbished 2GB PC3200 184P DDR DIMM
69813-11Netapp Refurbished DS14MK4 Esh4 Controller Module
7083RNetapp New
72318-07Netapp Refurbished 7231807 AT-FCX Controller Module 106-00101+C0
73929-0018Netapp Refurbished NetApp SFP to SFP Fibre Channel Cable 0.5M GP69A#1M1-BAP3-8CO
73929-0024Netapp Refurbished 739290024 NetApp SFP to SFP Fibre Fiber Channel Cable 0.5M GP69A#1M1-Bap3-14CO
73929-0036Netapp Refurbished NetApp SFP to SFP Fibre Channel Cable 0.5M GP69A#1M1-BAP3-2CO
82-562-11Netapp Refurbished DS4243 580W Power supply
82562-10Netapp Refurbished DS4243 Power Supply
82562-12Netapp Refurbished PSU 580W AC DS4243
82562-20Netapp Refurbished XYRATEX-Onestor 580W Integrated Power Supply
82897-03Netapp Refurbished ESH2 CONTROLLER MODULE FOR DS14 MK2 SHELF
82899-06Netapp Refurbished AT-FCX CONTROLLER
856-851020-001Netapp Refurbished 856851020001 300-Watt POWER SUPPLY FOR NEARSTORE R2
856-851020-001-CNetapp Refurbished 856851020001C FAS980C Power Supply 300-Watt Pull
856-851129-001Netapp Refurbished 856851129001 1064W P3R033 PSU Power Supply Unit
94443-02Netapp Refurbished 9444302 NETAPP DS14MK2 440W POWER SUPPLY
95632-03Netapp Refurbished NETAPP 1TB 7.2K LFF SATA
9CA158-038Netapp 1TB 7.2K 3.5 SATA 3G 32MB HDD - 1 YEAR WARR
9X2004-038Netapp Refurbished NetApp 144F 146GB FC 10K.7 RPM Seagate Cheetah disk drive ST3146
9X2004-138Netapp Refurbished 147GBNetAppHard Drive HDD
9X4004-038Netapp Refurbished 146GB 15K FC Hard Drive W/ TRAY FOR DS14 MK2 FC
9X4004-138Netapp Refurbished 146GB 15K FC Hard Drive W/ TRAY FOR DS14 MK2 FC
9Z2004-038Netapp Refurbished 146GB 15K FC Hard Drive W/ TRAY FOR DS14 MK2 FC
A46044-609Netapp Refurbished A46044609 NETWORK APPLIANCE A46044-609 C1200 DUAL P3 PGA370 FSB133 Motherboard
AA23410-GNetapp Refurbished AA23410G 440W DS14 PSU Power Supply Unit
AA24060LNetapp Refurbished 440W PSU Power Supply
ACR-PDU-01Netapp Refurbished NetApp 8-Port Mountable Power Distribution Strip W-C-2-5
AF500B00438Netapp Refurbished AF500B00438 500 watt power supply for StoreVault 08/08/14 KDr
C1100ANetapp Refurbished NetApp C1100A NetCache C1100 1 x 9GB
C2100Netapp Refurbished NetApp C2100 Network Appliance C2100 NetCache System Information
C6100Netapp Refurbished NetApp NetCache C6100 Proxy Server
CP-1103R2Netapp Refurbished NetApp FAS2020 Power Supply CP-1103R2 3Y POWER TECHNOLOGY YM-275 09/26/14 EG
CP-1266R2Netapp Refurbished CP1266R2 Netapp FAS2050 Power Supply
DISK-1810F-10-NF4Netapp Refurbished DISK1810F10NF4 NetApp 18Gb FC. Disk + Bracket HEM3E11-BAP-2COFW:NA00
DISK-18GB-10-NF3Netapp Refurbished DISK18GB10NF3 NetApp 18GB 10000RPM Hard Drive ZCS FC-AL Drive for FC8/FC9
DISK-3610F-NP1Netapp Refurbished DISK3610FNP1 NETAPP/36GB 10000RPM FC-AL HARD DRIVE WITH Canister
DISK-3610G-NP1Netapp Refurbished DISK3610GNP1 NETAPP/36GB 10000RPM Hard Drive BCS DISK F/FC9 WITH Canister
DISK-36GB-10-NF4Netapp Refurbished DISK36GB10NF4 NetApp 36GB 10000RPM ZCS FC-AL Hard Drive for FC9
DISK-36GB-72-NF3Netapp 36GBFW2747 4924 hschotswapFiberchannel
DISK-7310G-NP1Netapp Refurbished DISK7310GNP1 NetApp 72GB 10000RPM FC-AL Hard Drive for FC9
DK32EJ-14FCNetapp Refurbished DK32EJ14FC 144GB 10000RPM FC-AL Hard Drive FOR DS14
DK32EJ-72FCNetapp Refurbished DK32EJ72FC 72GB Fibre Fiber Channel w/ NetApp tray
DS14Netapp Refurbished Netapp DS14 shelf w/dual PS and LRC modules
DS14MK2Netapp Refurbished NetApp 14 Bay FC Storage Shelf w/ESH Module Cables Rackmount
DS14MK2 ATNetapp Refurbished DS14MK2AT NetApp DS14mk2 AT Disk Tray
DS14MK2-FCNetapp Refurbished DS14MK2FC NETAPP 14Bay FC Storage Shelf
DS14MK2/14X144Netapp Refurbished DS14MK214X144 DS14MK2 DUAL P/S AND FANS 14X144GB disks
DS14MK4Netapp Refurbished DS14MK4 Fibre Fiber Channel DISK SHELF 1/2GB/4GB
DS14MK4-FCNetapp Refurbished DS14MK4FC DS14MK4 FC Disk Shelf 1/2/4GB
DS2229TNetapp Refurbished NETWORK APPLIANCE DS2229TCMOS 1MB 80-Pin SIMM
DS2246Netapp Refurbished NetApp X559A-R6 24 Bay Chassis 2PSU 2IOM6
DS2246-1014-24N-QS-RNetapp Refurbished Disk Shelf 24 x 600GB 10K 6G Jon Scragg 678.684.0355
DS2246-21.6TB-QS-R5Netapp Refurbished DSK SHLF24x900GB6G10KSAS
DS2246-28.8TB-QS-R6Netapp Refurbished NETAPP DS2246 24x X425A-R5 1.2TB 10K SAS 2.5
DS4243Netapp Refurbished NetApp DS4243 Shelf 2x PSU X518A-R6 2x IOM3 Controllers X5712A-R
DS4243-0748-24A-QS-RNetapp Refurbished NETAPP DS4243 24x X306A-R5 2TB SATA 3.5
DS4243-1511-24S-QS-RNetapp Refurbished DSK SHLF24x450GB15K3Gb SAS

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